Please fill out the following application as thoroughly as possible. We do not have any roleplay scenario questions, or questions required to be answered from an in-character perspective. We just want to know who you are as a player, and what you're into. If you need any help with your character concept, or not sure how it fits, the answer is: yes, and we will help you figure that out with a judgement-free conversation.

If you are a friend of a current member, and referred to us by that member, you can skip this application completely and contact us in-game. In the event you still want to fill out the application, that is up to you!

We apologize in advance for any delay leadership may have in responding to your application, or time between application submission and interview. Our officers have been working long hours and log on later in the evening due to real life obligations. Upon receipt of your application, officers will work with you to schedule an interview time in-game. Please keep an eye on your application so you don't miss a posting. Thank you!
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